Advance Your Training Investment

Advanced Sales Strategies

Using ‘traditional’ sales strategy and behaviours not only will lose you a potential sale – but any opportunity of selling to that customer ever again! To be successful in sales today. you need to understand what customers are really looking for from their suppliers. Do this and you will:

  • Be more successful in winning business – year after year!
  • Apply a smarter, more effective approach to selling!
  • Learn how to make customers want to talk to you – not your competitors!

ADVANCE’s Advanced level sales training will equip you and your sales team with the very latest and most effective approaches to selling!

Customer-centricity training

Do you really understand what your customers want from their suppliers today? Are you actually providing them with the level of service they expect? And are you:

  • Adopting a better and more effective approach to customer relationships
  • Helping your customers in the way  they (not you) want!
  • Applying the right techniques and behaviours to really be ‘customer-centric’

Customer relationships and service has changed dramatically in just the past 2-3 years. Do you need to re-think your approach?

Effective Negotiation Skills

Negotiations are becoming a much more necessary and important skill-set in business today. As a result, competent business professionals need to demonstrate that they can:

  • Be a more confident and skillful negotiator
  • Achieve better negotiation outcomes
  • Use an effective negotiation approach to build stronger relationships

ADVANCE will help you and your people apply a much more effective approach to all your future negotiations

Leadership Development Training

Being an accomplished leader is a highly-sought after talent – but truly memorable leaders are not easy to find. So if you do want to become such a leader, it’s vital that you are able to:

  • Apply a best practice approach to effective leadership
  • Learn how to improve yours and your team’s workplace performance
  • Stimulate strategic thinking to produce better results

ADVANCE’s leadership development training program provides you with all the key skills and competencies needed to be an effective and respected leader in todays business world

Powerful Presentations

Faced with making a presentation, most business professionals struggle to get it right. ADVANCE’s ‘Powerful Presentations’ training equips people with a practical, highly effective approach that enables them to:

  • Make an impact by creating a confident, convincing impression
  • Plan, structure and deliver presentations that achieve your objectives
  • Communicate in the right way to ensure your audience get (and act upon!) your messages

We ensure that you present confidently, effectively and engagingly for all your future talks, business briefings and keynotes

Team Building & Leadership

Effective and competent team leaders consistently demonstrate that they can:

  • Create and manage high-performing teams
  • Develop and motivate teams (and individuals) effectively
  • Successfully deliver results every time

If you want to improve yours and your teams performance – or feel you are not reaching the expected levels required – this training will definitely help!

Our Mission

At ADVANCE we firmly believe that professional learning and development only has any real value if it is relevant to people’s (work) needs and inspires change for the better – what we refer to as ‘strategic life-long learning’.

Our goal is to help you and your company make real and measurable improvement in your people’s performance and capabilities – so that you both achieve sustained and continuous growth

We are totally committed to a results-oriented, on-going learning approach – applying the very latest learning methodologies to ensure this happens.

How we help you

Let ADVANCE solve all your L&D problems!

We provide free consultations with you to clearly understand and identify your needs – and to create the right approach and training strategy. Based on these needs, we then develop highly customized, results-focused training programs, workshops and coaching to ensure your expectations are met.

We offer a range of training programs, workshops and individual coaching sessions specifically designed to meet the communications challenges many individuals and companies face in today’s incredibly competitive business environment.

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