Making presentations is recognized by many professionals as the business competency they fear more than any other. Standing up [often in front of a room full of complete strangers or an important client!] and presenting effectively takes a great deal of competence and confidence. You may only get one opportunity to make your communication work, so it’s vital that you succeed!

The ability to present confidently, convincingly and engagingly says a lot about you personally as well as your organization. Being an accomplished presenter is also becoming a much more valuable and required skill. As a result, the demand for business professionals who can demonstrate the key attributes and skills necessary to present effectively positions them very powerfully both within their organization and in the business community.

‘Power-Presenting’ is a new but proven approach to becoming a more competent presenter. This intensive but extremely practical workshop covers the key steps to ensure that your presentations are not only more successful, but that you avoid all the common mistakes that many people make. You will learn why presentations go wrong, what audiences really want to hear and the essential elements of a successful presentation to achieve that.

The workshop is specifically designed for people who need to present and communicate effectively to both external and internal audiences. Conducted in two parts, the workshop will help you understand the key principles of delivering effective presentations and provide you with individual guidance and coaching to ensure you can present powerfully and memorably.

Skills Focus

  • Project credibility and control in all your presentations
  • Get your key messages across clearly and convincingly
  • Plan and structure highly results-focused presentations
  • Make your talk useful and memorable to the audience
  • Be a more confident, convincing and engaging presenter

Desired outcomes

To equip participants with the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Create a convincing, confident and engaging impression with their audience
  • Plan and structure their presentations to achieve their objectives
  • Communicate in the right way to ensure the audience gets [and acts upon] their messages


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