Presentations & Public Speaking

Giving a presentation can be a highly challenging, difficult and nerve-wracking experience. It is recognized by many as the business competency that most professionals fear more than any other. Standing up (often in front of a room full of complete strangers or an extremely important client!) and presenting effectively takes a great deal of confidence and ability.  You may only get one opportunity to make your communication work, so it’s vital that you succeed! Get it right and the rewards can be great – get it wrong and it can result in loss of work and damage to your reputation and credibility.

Research shows that audiences believe that if you can’t present effectively – you can’t do your job effectively! So if you are able to present confidently, convincingly and engagingly it says a lot about you personally as well as your organization. Being an accomplished presenter is also becoming a much more valuable and required skill. According to recent Microsoft data, there are an estimated 30 million power-point presentations given each year – or more than 80, 000 every single day! Even more amazing is that this figure is expected to increase going forward. As a result, the demand for business professionals who can demonstrate the key attributes and skills necessary to present effectively positions them very powerfully both within their organization as well as in the general business community.

‘Making An Impact’ – the secret to Powerful Presentations!

This 2-day workshop covers key steps to ensure that your presentations are not only more successful, but that you avoid all the common mistakes that many people make. You will learn why presentations go wrong, what audiences really want to hear and the essential elements of a successful presentation to achieve that.

The workshop is specifically designed for people who need to present and communicate effectively to both external and internal audiences. Conducted in two parts, the workshop will help you understand the key principles of spoken communication and improve your presentation skills. You will learn how to:

  • Make an impact by creating a confident, convincing impression
  • Plan and structure your presentation to achieve your presentation objectives
  • Communicate in the right way to ensure your audience get (and act upon!) your messages

You will gain confidence from actually standing up and “doing it” and in understanding how to bring consistency to your future talks, briefings, or presentations. You will receive feedback from your peers, as well as expert analysis and guidance from the facilitator – in addition to a clear ‘action plan’ for improvement.

The first part is a one-day intensive workshop, followed on the second day by personalised one-to-one coaching sessions to hone your skills, focusing on your particular strengths and areas for improvement. Additional personalised one-one coaching sessions are arranged to monitor and review performance, assess further development areas and consolidate successes. 

Skills focus: 

  • Use a range of visual, vocal and verbal tools for maximum impact
  • Maximizing the use of power-point so it works to your benefit – not disadvantage
  • Learn and apply techniques to demonstrate confidence and engage your audience
  • Plan productive, objective-focused presentations that achieve the desired outcomes
  • Communicate effectively to different audiences so they want to listen

Desired outcomes:

To equip participants with the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Make a confident and convincing impression with your audiences 
  • Achieve your presentation objectives
  • Ensure people get (and act upon!) your messages

Register today for one of our regular workshops (in either Bangkok or the Eastern Seaboard!)

Workshop dates: Every month (September – December)

Duration: 2-days (9am – 5.30pm)

10,000 THB (price includes lunch & light refreshments in morning/afternoon sessions)

If you are interested to know more or would like to enroll on the next available workshop – please contact us at:

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