‘Great Leaders get things done!’

More and more these days, companies are looking to their management to drive performance and increase efficiencies and outcomes. The demands on managers has probably never been greater than it is right now. However, to be a dynamic and inspirational Leader requires a range of essential skill-sets – the ‘vision’ for where you want your organization to be or how best to accomplish the latest project, the ability to motivate and energize your people to not only buy into your vision but join with you to achieve the required outcomes – after all, exceptional Leaders focus on results! Good Leaders also need to provide a positive environment and opportunities for their people to develop and improve through training, coaching and mentoring so that they become high-performing team members!

These skills do not come easy and ‘natural’ leaders are hard to find. However, many of the qualities required for effective Leadership can be taught and attending training that is specifically designed to address these key areas is recognised as an invaluable method for improvement. The opportunity to learn and apply new skills to better manage, develop and motivate teams as well as set clear objectives to achieve the desired outcomes and communicate these effectively with your people is therefore absolutely essential.

‘Building Better Leaders’ Training program

This practical and highly interactive training program introduces the very latest approach to ‘Leadership Development’– and applies the core skill-sets and behaviours that ensure participants are properly equipped to successfully become effective leaders of people in today’s extremely challenging business environment. It utilizes a highly focused and results-based approach to learning and is open to all mid to senior management level business professionals moving into leadership positions or existing leaders who wish to further improve their competencies.

Organized into individual sessions focusing on the key elements required for effective leadership, the program creates a progressive yet practical framework for improvement. Participants learn and apply these new skills through a range of realistic exercises and activities – which is supported by a variety of input medium (Eg; workbooks/guides/handouts, videos, presentations, e-learning and online resources etc) that facilitates ample opportunities for practice. Action-planning and objective-setting is core to the overall learning development strategy to ensure the training is not only extremely practical but also highly valuable and results-focused

The sessions are delivered in a flexible format and participants from a wide variety of industries and business sectors are accepted, to encourage a broader sharing of knowledge and experiences. Continuous analysis, evaluation, feedback and action-planning is provided together with on-going small group and individual coaching sessions to aid the development process.

Skills Focus (core sessions)

  • Identifying the key qualities of effective leadership
  • Improving workplace and team performance
  • Customer-centricity: exceeding customer expectations
  • Motivating and improving the morale of your people
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Developing loyalty and positive attitudes with your people
  • Resolving workplace conflict and disagreement
  • Stimulating strategic thinking within your teams
  • Accountability and responsibility essentials
  • Inspiring innovation and creativity
  • Effective decision-making and problem-solving
  • Providing coaching and mentoring to your team

Desired outcomes:

  • Applying an effective Leadership strategy
  • Maximizing yours and your people’s potential
  • Focusing on outcomes – not outputs!

Program format:

Plan A – 12 x 4 hour workshops (2 core topics per workshop) held once a month. (total duration – 12 months)

Plan B – 12 x 4 hour workshops (2 core topics per workshop) held twice monthly. (total duration – 6 months)

Plan C – 12 x 4 hour workshops (2 core topics per workshop) held once a week. (total duration – 3 months)


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