Managing and developing customer relationships (as well as actually retaining customers!) has become extremely challenging in recent times. Global markets are more competitive than ever before meaning customers have many choices available to them and see no real difference between your product/service than that of your competitors.

In addition, the advent of Social Media has completely changed the way organisations and businesses are perceived in the market-place. Customers today regularly write reviews about their customer service experiences – and these can have dramatic impacts for you and your people:

  • 86% of customers will not buy from a company with negative online reviews
  • 95% of unhappy customers will tell three times as many people as happy customers
  • 66% of customers went to a competitor due to bad service

To successfully meet these challenges, you need to apply a much more strategic and refined approach to your customers and your relationships with them. Todays most successful businesses (eg; Apple, Google, Amazon, South-West Airlines etc) recognise how vitally important it is to provide ‘excellence in service’ to their customers – so that they not only develop stronger relationships with them but build long-term, loyal and mutually-beneficial ‘alliances’.

Customer-centricity – a Better approach to Customer Relationships

This practical, highly interactive yet totally results-focused training program is specifically designed for all customer services, customer relationship and client-facing professionals who wish to learn and apply the very latest approach to delivering excellence in customer service.

Sessions are a mix of facilitator-led presentations, video input, group discussions, individual exercises & activities.  Authentic work-related case studies and role-plays will be used to underpin many of the exercises. Participant workbooks are provided.

Overall objectives:

The overall aims of the training program are to introduce participants to a best practice approach to delivering ‘excellence in service’ to their customers and that after attending they will possess the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Fully meet their customers expectations every time!
  • Learn how to create a memorable ‘customer experience’
  • Apply a Customer-Centric approach to your customers

Skills focus

The program also covers important areas such as a developing deeper understanding of your customers and their needs, exceeding their expectations – in addition to the following key skills:

  • Create a more positive impression with your customers
  • Develop effective communication techniques that strengthen your customer relationships
  • Avoid common customer service mistakes
  • Apply a more strategic approach to your customer relationships

Desired outcomes:

To equip participants with the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Engage customers more strategically in relationship-building efforts
  • Communicate confidently with customers to fully understand (and exceed!) their expectations
  • Apply a truly ‘Customer-Centric’ approach to build stronger and mutually-beneficial customer relationships


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