Advance Your Performance

ADVANCE will help you and your organisation increase and improve its performance by applying the very latest and most relevant approaches to communication.  By being a more effective, persuasive and convincing communicator, you will be able to:

  • achieve all your objectives successfully
  • create a positive impression with both internal and external audiences
  • establish ‘buy-in’ from audiences – by being impactful and memorable

ADVANCE helps you to make your communications work!

The Challenge

How would you describe your communication capabilities and those of your people? What benefits would it bring if they were better?

Training is recognised as a valuable and effective method for improving performance. But it’s vital that the training achieves the desired results – and this is not always easy.

There are many reasons why companies get limited return from their investment in training:

  • They rarely measure the impact of training, often because they are unclear as to what the intended and desired long-term outcomes are
  • People’s habits are hard to change. So, continuous and intensive post-training follow-up is essential, or many participants revert back to their pre-training ways
  • Both trainer and participant often think the role of training is simply to transfer information. It isn’t. At ADVANCE, we believe effective training is about inspiring people to improve by doing things differently!
  • Inadequate communication of the value of the training in advance results in a lack of enthusiasm and commitment from participants

All these factors can lead companies to under-estimate the value that training brings to their business – resulting in a reduction in investment made and a lack of recognition of training for improving people’s (and their company’s) performance

How We Help You

ADVANCE helps companies increase the impact of their existing training – as well as introduce new individually tailored and highly focused training programs, courses, workshops and coaching sessions. We work with you to identify key development areas for your people – set realistic, achievable goals as well as implement clear strategies and training methodologies to ensure those objectives are met

We help your Training Departments to:

  • achieve instant, dramatic and lasting improvement with your training approach
  • re-energise and re-position existing training and coaching delivery that has lost its impact
  • better define key objectives and implement strategies and newer more relevant training to ensure these are met

Get all these right and you get a higher return from your investment in training!

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