Negotiations have become increasingly relevant in business today – and particularly in sales interactions. (irrespective of whether you are the buyer or seller). Very recent research shows that negotiations are occurring far more frequently and much earlier in sales discussions than ever before. To make client negotiations even more challenging, the modern business world has become extremely competitive with much greater choices available in the market.  Quality, price and faster turn-round times are just a few key areas where clients look for improvements – and as a result they are constantly pressuring suppliers to meet their ever-increasing demands.

So the ability to negotiate competently and skillfully has become a vital capability for all business professionals.  Poor negotiation skills often lead to conflict, dispute and disagreement, resulting in very negative and damaging impacts on you, your organization and to your client relationships. Being able to negotiate effectively will result in much more satisfactory and mutually-beneficial outcomes with clients. It will also foster deeper, highly respectful, trust-based relationships that lead to long-term client-supplier alliances.

Effective Negotiation Skills Training

The overall objectives of this workshop are to introduce participants to an approach and set of tools that they can use to conduct and manage their client negotiations more effectively.

Skills focus:

  • Effective negotiation planning and preparation techniques
  • Understanding YOUR (and the Clients) “Interests & Options”
  • Negotiation logistics & tactics – key rules
  • Resolving areas of conflict and disagreement

 Desired outcomes:

To equip participants with the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Be a more confident and skillful negotiator
  • Achieve better negotiation outcomes
  • Apply an effective negotiation approach to build stronger relationship


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