Advance Your Communication

Good communication is vital – but it’s not easy to get it right.

Communication often determines how successful you and your company are – and is a major factor in the loss of sales, lack of strong relationships, project failure, wasted time, effort and resources

ADVANCE helps individuals and companies communicate effectively

Achieving Effective Communication

Communicating effectively is important in today’s business world – but there are certain communications that must work:

  • Business presentations to potential or existing clients, investors and other key stakeholders
  • Negotiations and handling difficult questions or objections with internal and external clients
  • Communications to acquire buy-in to change (eg; new working practices, systems or processes)
  • Conflict resolution and disagreement management with teams, clients and stakeholders
  • Business briefings, conferences, seminars, keynotes and workshops

The Challenges

Despite their importance, it’s difficult to get these communications right. There are a number of major challenges you need to overcome:

  • Potential clients have many others competing for their time and business. How can you make your proposition the most persuasive,convincing and memorable?
  • Audiences want key messages that are (a) convincing, (b) interesting/useful, (c) quick. It’s hard to satisfy all three of these at the same time
  • The extra pressure of ‘I must make this communication work’ often impairs people’s ability to delivery effectively
  • Limited time to prepare, plan and rehearse

The ADVANCE Approach

“…Good communication is no longer just about getting a clear message across but about making a big enough impact to get your message noticed…..” 

Harvard Business Review

To make your communications work today – you need to satisfy two essential requirements:

  1. Have IMPACT!

To demonstrate these ‘qualities’ takes skill and confidence  – but once learnt (and applied) will dramatically improve your performance as a communicator and that of your organisation.

The Benefits

Effective communicators succeed by excelling in all areas of their communications:

  • Create engaging, persuasive and memorable messages
  • Give simple, clear guidance that their (internal & external) audiences will act upon
  • Communicate convincingly with impact, credibility and confidence

As a result, they communicate powerfully to all their audiences, lead people with authority and gravitas, contribute value at meetings and make a positive impression with clients, colleagues and key stakeholders that build stronger, long-lasting relationships

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