Making presentations is recognized by many professionals as the business competency they fear more than any other. Standing up [often in front of a room full of complete strangers or an important client!] and presenting effectively takes a great deal of competence and confidence. You may only get one opportunity to make your communication work, so it’s vital that you succeed!

The ability to present confidently, convincingly and engagingly says a lot about you personally as well as your organization. Being an accomplished presenter is also becoming a much more valuable and required skill. As a result, the demand for business professionals who can demonstrate the key attributes and skills necessary to present effectively positions them very powerfully both within their organization and in the business community.

‘Power-Presenting’ is a new but proven approach to becoming a more competent presenter. This intensive but extremely practical workshop covers the key steps to ensure that your presentations are not only more successful, but that you avoid all the common mistakes that many people make. You will learn why presentations go wrong, what audiences really want to hear and the essential elements of a successful presentation to achieve that.

The workshop is specifically designed for people who need to present and communicate effectively to both external and internal audiences. Conducted in two parts, the workshop will help you understand the key principles of delivering effective presentations and provide you with individual guidance and coaching to ensure you can present powerfully and memorably.

Skills Focus

  • Project credibility and control in all your presentations
  • Get your key messages across clearly and convincingly
  • Plan and structure highly results-focused presentations
  • Make your talk useful and memorable to the audience
  • Be a more confident, convincing and engaging presenter

Desired outcomes

To equip participants with the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Create a convincing, confident and engaging impression with their audience
  • Plan and structure their presentations to achieve their objectives
  • Communicate in the right way to ensure the audience gets [and acts upon] their messages


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‘Just one disengaged employee can bring down productivity of an entire team by 30%’   (Gallup Organization)

Team-building and performance is vitally important in the current business climate. Most organizations today are looking to team-based structures to stimulate further improvements to their productivity, profitability and service quality. In addition, greatly increased levels of business competition and in customer expectations, combined with the dramatic rise in new technologies as well as other developments, mean that it is more essential than ever to build teamwork in your organization. Indeed, the more challenges that your organization faces, the more critical it becomes that teamwork is effective. However, ensuring this happens and that the performance, dynamic and focus of teams and individual team members is at optimum levels is not easy:

  • Team-building involves a wide variety of activities, aimed at improving team performance. It needs to specialize in bringing out the best in a team to ensure self development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together as a team to solve problems.
  • While work environments often target individuals and personal goals, with reward and recognition singling out the achievements of individual employees, with good team-building skills, employees can be united around a common goal to generate greater success.
  • Effective team-building is simply not just about getting your team members together and submitting them to a bunch of ‘challenges’ in some hostile environment! It is much more about focusing on how they work together day-to-day and week-to-week, and giving them the (right) tools they need to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Essentially, there are three key elements to achieve successful teamwork –

  1. Trust
  2. Communication
  3. Effective leadership; a focus on common goals with a collective responsibility for success (or failure).

‘Building Better Teams’ Training Program

This highly practical results-based training program is specifically designed to increase performance and outputs of teams as well as apply an effective leadership strategy.

Overall objectives:

The program identifies key areas in team dynamic and introduces best practice approaches to achieve improved individual and team results. It also focuses on essential areas of leadership and how to both develop and lead high-performing teams.

Skills focus / Key learning:

  •   applying the performance development cycle
  •   meeting the team’s expectations of a leader
  •   properly delegating tasks to team members
  •   coaching and giving feedback effectively
  •   identifying different ways to motivate team members

Expected outcomes:

To equip participants with the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Develop and lead high-performing teams
  • Achieve better results by having clearly defined objectives
  • Improve your team’s morale and motivation

‘Great Leaders get things done!’

More and more these days, companies are looking to their management to drive performance and increase efficiencies and outcomes. The demands on managers has probably never been greater than it is right now. However, to be a dynamic and inspirational Leader requires a range of essential skill-sets – the ‘vision’ for where you want your organization to be or how best to accomplish the latest project, the ability to motivate and energize your people to not only buy into your vision but join with you to achieve the required outcomes – after all, exceptional Leaders focus on results! Good Leaders also need to provide a positive environment and opportunities for their people to develop and improve through training, coaching and mentoring so that they become high-performing team members!

These skills do not come easy and ‘natural’ leaders are hard to find. However, many of the qualities required for effective Leadership can be taught and attending training that is specifically designed to address these key areas is recognised as an invaluable method for improvement. The opportunity to learn and apply new skills to better manage, develop and motivate teams as well as set clear objectives to achieve the desired outcomes and communicate these effectively with your people is therefore absolutely essential.

‘Building Better Leaders’ Training program

This practical and highly interactive training program introduces the very latest approach to ‘Leadership Development’– and applies the core skill-sets and behaviours that ensure participants are properly equipped to successfully become effective leaders of people in today’s extremely challenging business environment. It utilizes a highly focused and results-based approach to learning and is open to all mid to senior management level business professionals moving into leadership positions or existing leaders who wish to further improve their competencies.

Organized into individual sessions focusing on the key elements required for effective leadership, the program creates a progressive yet practical framework for improvement. Participants learn and apply these new skills through a range of realistic exercises and activities – which is supported by a variety of input medium (Eg; workbooks/guides/handouts, videos, presentations, e-learning and online resources etc) that facilitates ample opportunities for practice. Action-planning and objective-setting is core to the overall learning development strategy to ensure the training is not only extremely practical but also highly valuable and results-focused

The sessions are delivered in a flexible format and participants from a wide variety of industries and business sectors are accepted, to encourage a broader sharing of knowledge and experiences. Continuous analysis, evaluation, feedback and action-planning is provided together with on-going small group and individual coaching sessions to aid the development process.

Skills Focus (core sessions)

  • Identifying the key qualities of effective leadership
  • Improving workplace and team performance
  • Customer-centricity: exceeding customer expectations
  • Motivating and improving the morale of your people
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Developing loyalty and positive attitudes with your people
  • Resolving workplace conflict and disagreement
  • Stimulating strategic thinking within your teams
  • Accountability and responsibility essentials
  • Inspiring innovation and creativity
  • Effective decision-making and problem-solving
  • Providing coaching and mentoring to your team

Desired outcomes:

  • Applying an effective Leadership strategy
  • Maximizing yours and your people’s potential
  • Focusing on outcomes – not outputs!

Program format:

Plan A – 12 x 4 hour workshops (2 core topics per workshop) held once a month. (total duration – 12 months)

Plan B – 12 x 4 hour workshops (2 core topics per workshop) held twice monthly. (total duration – 6 months)

Plan C – 12 x 4 hour workshops (2 core topics per workshop) held once a week. (total duration – 3 months)


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Managing and developing customer relationships (as well as actually retaining customers!) has become extremely challenging in recent times. Global markets are more competitive than ever before meaning customers have many choices available to them and see no real difference between your product/service than that of your competitors.

In addition, the advent of Social Media has completely changed the way organisations and businesses are perceived in the market-place. Customers today regularly write reviews about their customer service experiences – and these can have dramatic impacts for you and your people:

  • 86% of customers will not buy from a company with negative online reviews
  • 95% of unhappy customers will tell three times as many people as happy customers
  • 66% of customers went to a competitor due to bad service

To successfully meet these challenges, you need to apply a much more strategic and refined approach to your customers and your relationships with them. Todays most successful businesses (eg; Apple, Google, Amazon, South-West Airlines etc) recognise how vitally important it is to provide ‘excellence in service’ to their customers – so that they not only develop stronger relationships with them but build long-term, loyal and mutually-beneficial ‘alliances’.

Customer-centricity – a Better approach to Customer Relationships

This practical, highly interactive yet totally results-focused training program is specifically designed for all customer services, customer relationship and client-facing professionals who wish to learn and apply the very latest approach to delivering excellence in customer service.

Sessions are a mix of facilitator-led presentations, video input, group discussions, individual exercises & activities.  Authentic work-related case studies and role-plays will be used to underpin many of the exercises. Participant workbooks are provided.

Overall objectives:

The overall aims of the training program are to introduce participants to a best practice approach to delivering ‘excellence in service’ to their customers and that after attending they will possess the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Fully meet their customers expectations every time!
  • Learn how to create a memorable ‘customer experience’
  • Apply a Customer-Centric approach to your customers

Skills focus

The program also covers important areas such as a developing deeper understanding of your customers and their needs, exceeding their expectations – in addition to the following key skills:

  • Create a more positive impression with your customers
  • Develop effective communication techniques that strengthen your customer relationships
  • Avoid common customer service mistakes
  • Apply a more strategic approach to your customer relationships

Desired outcomes:

To equip participants with the necessary skills and capabilities to:

  • Engage customers more strategically in relationship-building efforts
  • Communicate confidently with customers to fully understand (and exceed!) their expectations
  • Apply a truly ‘Customer-Centric’ approach to build stronger and mutually-beneficial customer relationships


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Selling in today’s highly competitive business environment has become incredibly challenging. Not only do clients have a much wider choice of options, but there are a greater number of suppliers out there offering exactly the same products and services as you do.  Added to that is the dramatic shift in the buyer-seller relationship – so that traditional sales strategies no longer serve.

‘Clients don’t want to be sold to – they want suppliers to listen and advise!’

These days, selling is not about having a great product and delivering a persuasive ‘pitch’ presentation to convince people to buy from you. Clients do not react well to the ‘hard-sell’ – traditional sales behaviours are not only no longer successful, but can be extremely damaging to you and your company’s image, credibility and reputation.

In today’s business world, it’s not WHAT you sell – it’s HOW you sell that counts…

To achieve greater sales success these days, you need to apply a much smarter and relevant approach. One that positions you as an expert consultant and trusted adviser who has the knowledge, skills and patience to first identify what the client really needs, and then help them obtain it. Not only will this foster deep referral (alliance) partnerships with existing clients that stimulate loyalty but also to develop new client acquisitions.

‘Selling in Challenging Times’ Training Program:

The overall objective of this training program is to enable participants to apply a more advanced and strategic approach to selling in today’s challenging business environment.  Participants will learn how to effectively identify the client’s needs and understand how to help them attain these as well as being more proactive in developing sales opportunities.

Skills focus / Key Learning:

  • Positive client meetings – planning focused, valuable interactions that create a better ‘first impression’!
  • Apply advanced questioning techniques to generate more meaningful client discussions
  • Be more pro-active in anticipating and identifying opportunities to help the client
  • Understand what clients value and your role as ‘value creator’
  • How to position you and your product/service-offering more effectively
  • Conduct effective negotiations to achieve better outcomes
  • Handle objections and difficult questions
  • Reach buyer agreement and commitment

Overall outcomes:

  • Be more successful in winning business – year after year!
  • Apply a smarter, more strategic and effective approach to selling!
  • Learn how to make customers want to talk to you – not your competitors!


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