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Leadership Development Program

‘Great Leaders get things done!’ Facilitation is one the most powerful ways of getting a diverse group of people to reach a shared understanding of a key business issue you face. Getting people involved, engaged in a dialogue and working collectively to formulate a solution builds a deep sense of empowerment, alignment, ownership and commitment […]

Presentations & Public Speaking

‘Power-Presenting!’ Making presentations is recognized by many professionals as the business competency they fear more than any other. Standing up [often in front of a room full of complete strangers or an important client!] and presenting effectively takes a great deal of competence and confidence. You may only get one opportunity to make your communication […]

Team Building & Leadership

‘Just one disengaged employee can bring down productivity of an entire team by 30%’   (Gallup Organization) Team-building and performance is vitally important in the current business climate. Most organizations today are looking to team-based structures to stimulate further improvements to their productivity, profitability and service quality. In addition, greatly increased levels of business competition and in customer expectations, combined […]

Leadership Development Training

‘Great Leaders get things done!’ More and more these days, companies are looking to their management to drive performance and increase efficiencies and outcomes. The demands on managers has probably never been greater than it is right now. However, to be a dynamic and inspirational Leader requires a range of essential skill-sets – the ‘vision’ for where […]

Customer-Centric Relationships

Managing and developing customer relationships (as well as actually retaining customers!) has become extremely challenging in recent times. Global markets are more competitive than ever before meaning customers have many choices available to them and see no real difference between your product/service than that of your competitors. In addition, the advent of Social Media has completely changed the way organisations and businesses are perceived […]

Are you using the right sales approach?

As we all know, the business world has changed dramatically in recent times. We have seen a near-revolution in the market-place, and in particular – the way that companies buy and sell their products and services. As a result, there are far greater numbers of competitors, much higher levels of commoditization, the ever-increasing pace of […]

Message Vs Messenger?

Many people (including communication and presentation skills trainers) often compare giving a presentation to giving a “performance” – where the presenter takes ‘centre stage’. Words like ‘passion’, ‘enthusiasm’, engaging’ and ‘energy’ are regularly used to describe a good presenter. Generally, I agree with this. In every study of presentation skills undertaken, there has been a […]

Negotiation skills

Negotiations have become increasingly relevant in business today – and particularly in sales interactions. (irrespective of whether you are the buyer or seller). Very recent research shows that negotiations are occurring far more frequently and much earlier in sales discussions than ever before. To make client negotiations even more challenging, the modern business world has become […]

Advanced Sales Strategies: Selling in challenging times

Selling in today’s highly competitive business environment has become incredibly challenging. Not only do clients have a much wider choice of options, but there are a greater number of suppliers out there offering exactly the same products and services as you do.  Added to that is the dramatic shift in the buyer-seller relationship – so […]