Selling in today’s highly competitive business environment has become incredibly challenging. Not only do clients have a much wider choice of options, but there are a greater number of suppliers out there offering exactly the same products and services as you do.  Added to that is the dramatic shift in the buyer-seller relationship – so that traditional sales strategies no longer serve.

‘Clients don’t want to be sold to – they want suppliers to listen and advise!’

These days, selling is not about having a great product and delivering a persuasive ‘pitch’ presentation to convince people to buy from you. Clients do not react well to the ‘hard-sell’ – traditional sales behaviours are not only no longer successful, but can be extremely damaging to you and your company’s image, credibility and reputation.

In today’s business world, it’s not WHAT you sell – it’s HOW you sell that counts…

To achieve greater sales success these days, you need to apply a much smarter and relevant approach. One that positions you as an expert consultant and trusted adviser who has the knowledge, skills and patience to first identify what the client really needs, and then help them obtain it. Not only will this foster deep referral (alliance) partnerships with existing clients that stimulate loyalty but also to develop new client acquisitions.

‘Selling in Challenging Times’ Training Program:

The overall objective of this training program is to enable participants to apply a more advanced and strategic approach to selling in today’s challenging business environment.  Participants will learn how to effectively identify the client’s needs and understand how to help them attain these as well as being more proactive in developing sales opportunities.

Skills focus / Key Learning:

  • Positive client meetings – planning focused, valuable interactions that create a better ‘first impression’!
  • Apply advanced questioning techniques to generate more meaningful client discussions
  • Be more pro-active in anticipating and identifying opportunities to help the client
  • Understand what clients value and your role as ‘value creator’
  • How to position you and your product/service-offering more effectively
  • Conduct effective negotiations to achieve better outcomes
  • Handle objections and difficult questions
  • Reach buyer agreement and commitment

Overall outcomes:

  • Be more successful in winning business – year after year!
  • Apply a smarter, more strategic and effective approach to selling!
  • Learn how to make customers want to talk to you – not your competitors!


If you would like to find out more or wish to register for the next available program, please contact us today at: / +852 9160 2595

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