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The Power Of Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is the single most important skill in today’s business world and an essential competency for leaders

Poor communication limits growth, restricts performance, reduces sales opportunities and results in objectives not being met. Good communication is also the key to successful relationships.

ADVANCE helps individuals and companies communicate effectively!

A New Approach To Your Communication Challenges

The business world is changing faster and more dramatically than ever before – imposing greater demands on companies and their people.

To meet these challenges effectively often requires both upskilling and learning completely new skills, as well as applying more contemporary learning methodologies.

ADVANCE offers consultant, professional development and coaching services to ensure your organization and people are properly equipped to meet these challenges successfully.

How We Help You

‘Smarter solutions to your training needs’

We provide strategic solutions to all your L&D problems and on how best to improve yours and your people’s performance. We also offer intensive and tailored training programs, highly customised workshops and individual coaching sessions specifically designed to address yours and your organisation’s skills-gaps and development needs.

ADVANCE L&D provides a full end-to-end L&D service – totally customised for each client:

Stage 1: Clearly identifying your organisational and talent development needs, involving and acquiring buy-in from key stakeholders and aligning this with your business priorities to create an effective and relevant L&D strategy.

Stage 2: Design of highly-customised, results-based, learner-centric training – available in a range of formats [eg: classroom-based, executive and peer coaching, e-learning, on-demand, learning-on-the-job, and managed learning].

Stage 3: Self-reflection, Action-planning & Review – setting clear learning objectives, with follow-up interventions to evaluate and assess improvement and provide further guidance if needed.

Through this comprehensive and modern approach – we take the hard work out of your talent development initiatives by providing relevant and practical development programs and essential follow-through, so that the desired outcomes are achieved. This ensures gains for both your organization and your people themselves and avoids a ‘skills development disconnect’ – which can result in de-motivated employees who may seek growth opportunities elsewhere. It also means you save time, money and resources on an area that you feel is not producing the expected results or that simply needs re-vitalising.

Some of the key L&D strategy and training solutions we specialise in are as follows:

‘Laurie is a fantastic trainer who customizes his workshops effectively to match the needs of his clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for corporate sales, leadership and communication skills training at any level. The real difference with Laurie is that he uses both the very latest L&D approaches to training as well as the skills which he is training people in.’

Gemma PurnellMD - PDS Consulting Solutions

‘Laurie has provided soft skills training to mid to senior level executives in our company. I particularly found his presentation skills training really useful. The training material is developed as per the latest and most effective approaches to maximize the audience reception and making an impact. I wish him all the best’

Anmol JainManagement Consulting - EY

‘Laurie is one of the most professional and enthusiastic trainers and speakers I’ve ever met. He has coached many senior management leaders in their sales and presentation skills. When I was working with Laurie at KPMG, he impressed me by his supportive and collaborative working style, always striving for better results, and funny and humorous personality.’

Crystal ChenIstuary Innovation Group

‘Laurie is consistently attentive to others needs and provides insight focused on raising others’ awareness and skills. When addressing learning needs, he untiringly delves to root causes that help his training audiences not only see, but experience the impact of his training and coaching.’

Matthew SpoonerMD - Crescendo Communications Consulting

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